A bold new paradigm for...everything.

Terry Miles started Minnow Beats Whale to tell stories: from darkly comic dramatic feature films to documentary and docudrama podcasts, from original television series to mobile apps and games, stories are everything. Stories shape us, define us, teach us, and have the capacity to reveal truth and meaning, to shine a light on what it means to be human. 

These existential questions are at the heart of what we want to explore. Mystery. Energy. Humanity. Story. 

In order to tell meaningful stories, we've discovered that one important lesson that towers above all others: the overriding philosophical key to everything, is maintaining creative and quality control. Hence, Minnow Beats Whale. 

Our paradigm is simple: make it better. make it look and sound more expensive. keep it small.

The worlds of film, television, radio, games, and podcasting are filled with a lot of "old school" thinking, or, perhaps more like "the one room schoolhouse they tore down to build the old school" thinking. There are often too many people involved to move quickly and adapt to the ever-shifting new media landscape, and there are usually more than a few too many bodies on the physical production side of things as well. 

At Minnow Beats Whale, we've learned (the hard way), that a smaller more effective and talented team can beat the bloated traditional method every single time. 

If you'd like to learn more, ask us anything! 


meet the makers

Terry Miles
Owner, Producer, Writer, Director

Terry Miles is an award-winning Writer/Director/Producer, and the president and founder of Minnow Beats Whale. As Writer/Director/Producer, Terry's had three feature films premiere at TIFF, and has been nominated for ten Leo Awards (Producing, Writing, Directing, Editing, and Cinematography). Terry founded Pacific Northwest Stories and the hit Black Tapes Podcast with partner Paul Bae. Terry also directed a western starring Donald Sutherland and Christian Slater, and an action movie starring Steve Austin, Danny Trejo and Serinda Swan. He's also written and directed numerous award-winning short films, web series, podcasts, and alternate reality games. 

Information on the rest of our team is coming shortly. Stay tuned!


Nic Silver
Host, Producer


Carly Parker
Host, Producer