CINEMANOVEL FILMS is a film and television production company working hard to reposition the frame.

In 2008, our first feature film, Terry Miles's WHEN LIFE WAS GOOD, premiered at The Toronto International Film Festival and went on to screen all over the world. We were back at TIFF in 2010 with Terry Miles's A NIGHT FOR DYING TIGERS, and yet again with his film CINEMANOVELS in 2013.

The company name was inspired by this script called CINEMANOVELS way back in 2008.

Investment and partnership opportunities are available.



In Hollywood, “inside” investors get to invest in lucrative studio film Slates, while “outside” accredited investors get “the dregs.” Celebrities including David Beckham, Bob Geldof, and Peter Gabriel each contributed £100,000 to film financing group Ingenious Media. The £50,000 that they reportedly pocketed from that investment seems like an attractive return until you realize that Ingenious Film Partners owns 25% of Avatar, a film that made a profit of $1.15 billion from theatrical markets alone. If Avatar gives investors a ROI of no more than 50%, imagine the yield across a more typical Hollywood release slate.  (


Micro-budgeted movies are shifting from “Paranormal” to normal, thanks to producers and actors lured by their profit potential. Movies made for less than $1 million have lost their bargain-basement stigma and have become an important part of the Hollywood equation. “Name actors see that you’re successful and become more willing to participate because they can make a lot of money in backend deals,” said Jason Blum, producer of the $14,000-budgeted 2009 release “Paranormal Activity,” which grossed $193 million worldwide. (From the pages of the April 9 issue of Variety.)

We have numerous exciting production ready projects in the pipeline. We'll be rolling out the first official MBW film project soon. Stay tuned!

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